COVID19: If the courses cannot be held due to closings (ski resorts / hotels / travel restrictions), you have the option of a credit or a refund of the amount paid. If you cannot participate due to official travel restrictions or a positive COVID19 test, you also have the option of a credit or a refund.


The RiderSystem is the instruction product for the "Swiss Snowboard Schools" The "Swiss Snowboard Schools" are schools are SSBS member schools. They are teaching in adherence to strong quality principles and they comply with certain standards. The SSBS is providing the system to them and is developing the system further. The clients benefit from the system because he/she

  • can follow the same courses in all "Swiss Snowboard Schools"
  • is taught by skilled personnel
  • his/her courses are registered centrally and his level is monitored
  • can orient him/herself easily on the market
  • the system is free for him/her! and over 70'000 clients have already realized that...

The snowboard schools profit from that because

  • the clients are contacted 2 times a year personally by mail
  • the system is advertised nationally
  • the sales staff can work with selling tools and can thus better advise the client
  • the course has a duration of minimum 4 lessons
  • the RiderSystem is setting standards in snowboarding and is highly innovative

For more information on the system and the collaboration between school and SSBS please contact the SSBS office. How the RiderSystem works for the client can be seen on the RiderSystem

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