COVID19: If the courses cannot be held due to closings (ski resorts / hotels / travel restrictions), you have the option of a credit or a refund of the amount paid. If you cannot participate due to official travel restrictions or a positive COVID19 test, you also have the option of a credit or a refund.

Swiss Ski Instructor SSBS

The new ski instructor formation is target group-specific (beginners to advanced) and conveys exactly this level. It focuses on the didactic and technical areas on the piste. The right formation if you want to work as a ski instructor for a few winter seasons.

The modules ski module 1 and ski module 2 can also be completed in the snow sports schools, provided that the school has a technical director ski SSBS. As a result, you benefit from lower formation costs and there are maybe no costs for hotels and lifttickets.

The primary goal of the first module is to teach basic understanding for teaching. The teaching part of the course covers the following key aspects: Planning, execution, demonstration, analysis and guidance. The theoretical part of the course explains the mechanic, the bio mechanic and the physical aspects. The technical part encompasses the basic skills, elementary driving forms and Ski structures.

The teaching part of the second ski course covers the following key aspects: Learn how to customze the lessons and how to apply different problem solving and teaching techniques. The theoretical part deepens the subject matter of the Skimodul 1. The technical part imparts advanced skiing techniques and personal training.

To obtain the Swiss Ski Instructor SSBS certificate you have to attend and pass the following modules:

admission/ theory (ZK Ski)
ski module 1
ski module 2
security & rescue (SR)
emergency mgt (SA)
internship 80 days (P1 & P2)
instructor exam (IK)

Under the following link you can find a graphical overview over the SSBS formation

The highest possible level is the risk activities license

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