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SSBS History

  • 1985 in october the snowboard instructors movement is founded in Switzerland. Eleven persons meet in Saas-Fee to lay the foundation for that. Some of those personalities are: Antoine Massy, Markus Kobelt, Rolf Brunner, Jose Fernandez, Thomas Kohler, Pierre Jobin, Bänz Simmen as well as Roland Primus.
  • 1988 The SSBS separates as new division from the SSBS and establishes it's own bylaws.
  • 1989 Instructor courses evolve from 10 days to two weeks then to 2 courses with a separate avalanche awareness course.
  • 1989 Roland Primus goes to court as a private individual, to facilitate the existence of snowboard schools detached from the ski schools.
  • 1989 The SSBS receives the assignment to implement snowboarding into the swiss youth+sport programs. The first teaching materials and videos are created.
  • 1990 The SSBS founds the Swiss Snowboard Team and starts the trainer formations. At the same time the junior and national teams are founded.
  • 1992 After three years of struggle the Swiss federal court decides that the legislation in the canton of Grisons is insufficient and therewith concedes with Roland Primus that a snowboard school can be founded detached from the existing ski schools. Subsequently there is a popular vote regarding the new legislation, which is accepted by the population in Grisons.
  • 1993 The new legislation is groundbreaking in Switzerlang and is adopted by many other cantons.
  • 1994 The fourth manual appears and Das vierte Lehrmittel entsteht und takes into account different methods of learning to snowboard. The technique grid is being developed.
  • 1995 The first freestyle team is founded and the SSBS covers the whole snowboarding infrastructure in Switzerland: instructors, coaches, leaders of youth & sport as well as association administrators and is self-dependent in financial matters. The SSBA functions as umbrella organisation and is taking care of the races.
  • 1996 The SSBS developes the RiderSystem and it is launched with over 100 Swiss Snowboard Schools.
  • 1997 The SSBS General Assembly votes no to joining the SIVS and the SSBS stays independent.
  • 1998 The SSBS hands over some of its responsabilities to the youth&sport organisation as well as the SSBA. The fifth manual is created.
  • 1999 The SSBS hands over the national teams to the SSBA, as the SSBA has more marketing and sponsoring budget available. The SSBS board of directors decides to focus more strongly on their core business of the formation of snowboard instructors, the schools and the Ridersystem.
  • 2001 The sixth manual is developed. The racing department of the SSBA is taken over by Swiss Snowsports.
  • 2002 The SSBS is listed as the last "snowboard only" organisation worldwide.
  • 2003 The SSBS is concentrating more strongly on the methodological developments in snowboarding.
  • 2004 The SSBS joins the quality assurance committee of the federal snow sports certificate with two seats and thus actively participates in the development of the federal certificate which had been initiated in 1998.
  • 2005 The Swiss Federal Certificate for Snowsports Instructors is reality.
  • 2008 The seventh and completely revised manual appears in german and receives the 3rd prize in the category "most innovative teaching manual in the german-speaking world" at the Frankfurt book fair.
  • Heute The SSBS has over 3700 active members and is the only independent organisation worldwide focusing on snowboarding solely. We have educated over 8200 people on all levels as snowboard instructors, published seven teaching manuals, four teaching videos as well as 18 different brochures and instruction manuals concerning the teaching of snowboarding.
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