COVID19: If the courses cannot be held due to closings (ski resorts / hotels / travel restrictions), you have the option of a credit or a refund of the amount paid. If you cannot participate due to official travel restrictions or a positive COVID19 test, you also have the option of a credit or a refund.

Search for Accomodation

Same as with the application, search for an accomodation the earlier the better. Use all contacts you have. Many flats are only advertised locally on billboards. Often you can order a trial subscription of the local newspaper. August to october are the best months for that as the summer season is over and the landlords are looking for tenants for the winter season. The tourism office often also has a list of available accomodation. Seasonal offers are sometimes also advertised on the internet. Best is to plan in a day for your application interview and check out the local conditions. Building companies also often have accomodation which they don't use in winter; sometimes this is even the case with hotels. Best is to call them up or go there in person. If you ar on place you can also post an ad on the local billboards yourself. A good solution is also the rent of a bigger flat and to share it with some friends or co-workers as bigger flats are easier to find and cheaper if shared as studios.

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