COVID19: If the courses cannot be held due to closings (ski resorts / hotels / travel restrictions), you have the option of a credit or a refund of the amount paid. If you cannot participate due to official travel restrictions or a positive COVID19 test, you also have the option of a credit or a refund.

federal contributions

Since January 2018,graduates, which are preparing for a federal examination, will get financial support. A corresponding application can be made to the federal government.

Federal contributions can be applied for all preparatory courses that are on the list of preparatory courses (registration list). The list forms the basis of subsidy law for the payment contributions and provides an overview of the courses on offer: Subventionierte Kurse SSBS

Entry requirements: You have passed a preparatory course for a federal examination. You paid the course fees. You have passed the federal exam. You live in Switzerland. If you fullfill the requirements, the federal government will reimburse you 50% of the eligible course fees. The SSBS will issue a corresponding payment confirmation.

Payments are made retrospectively after the federal examination has been completed. The entitlement to subsidy exists regardsless if the examination was successfully passed or not.

Further information you can find here: SBFI

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