COVID19: If the courses cannot be held due to closings (ski resorts / hotels / travel restrictions), you have the option of a credit or a refund of the amount paid. If you cannot participate due to official travel restrictions or a positive COVID19 test, you also have the option of a credit or a refund.

COVID-19: License Renewal RiskG

12.06.2020 - Renate Waser

On May 27, 2020 the BASPO informed the cantons about the handling of the license renewal. Due to the lockdown, various courses and WK's could not be carried out and some of you cannot fulfill their further training obligation.
The BASPO recommends that the cantons renew the RiskG license, which expired on March 13, 2020 or expire by the end of January 2021, without WK.
However, the applicants must provide a reason in writing why they coult not visit their WK in time. In addition, they must confirm that tey will catch up with the WK in 2021 (confirmation of registration) and submit the proof of the relevant licensing.