Emergency Management (NM) BLS-SRC AED

You learn how to deal with accidents and emergencies in snow sports



To teach the necessary skills to react correctly in case of an emergency


Admission Requirements




3 Practical tests on the topics learned and practiced in the course 



Basic Life Supporter


Supplementary note

The module can also be taken externally


The following training courses are recognized by the SSBS:

- First Responder Level 1 IVR

- First aid course (at least 7 hours) plus complete "BLS-AED-SRC" course (at least 4 hours)


Recognition of additional certificates (including foreign certificates) will be checked by the secretariat on request. The following requirements must be met:

1) Course duration at least 11 hours

2) At the time of recognition, a currently valid BLS-AED course must be available (valid for 3 years)


Accommodation/ Board with hotel booking

Double room with half board

For special requests like a single room, shared room, extension, intolerances please contact the hotel directly.