Which cadre qualification would you like to complete?

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Are you responsible for staff training and development at your school?

  • Technical Director
  • Technical Director Ski


You want to run your own Snow Sports School?

  • School Director


You would like to work as an expert in the association, which enables you to offer private revision courses and conduct written re-examinations?

  • Experts Course

Technical Director Course

This interesting qualification includes the technical and methodological parts for the candidate training as well as more detailed training in the implementation of the RiderSystem.
Duration: 6 days

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Technical Director Ski

This interesting qualification covers the technical and methodological parts for candidate training.

Duration: 5 days

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Expert Course

In the qualification course for experts, your qualifications as an SSBS expert are tested (instructor training, theory and course management). 
Duration: 3 days

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School Director Course

The school director course provides you with all the necessary knowledge to successfully open a snow sports school.

Duration: 4 days

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