Requirements for Instructor Qualification

The SSBS Instructor Snowboard/ Ski qualification is aimed at good riders who would like to turn their hobby into a profession.


Personal Requirements

  • Above-average riding ability
  • Good physical and coordination skills
  • Ability to implement new movements efficiently and quickly
  • Pleasure in dealing with and teaching people of all ages
  • Ability to accept criticism and to develop further
  • The education program can be started by people who have reached the age of 18 in the course year. Attendance of the introductory course is possible from the age of 17.


Situational Requirements

  • Completion of the 40-day or 80-day internship in a commercial snow sports school prior to attending the instructor module or instructor examination.
  • 21 years of age in the certification year
  • Bring a student for the methodology part of the technique or instructor module or ski module 2 or instructor examination.

As with the application, the earlier the better.

We recommend that you plan a day to inform yourself about the local conditions. 


  • Check small advertisements in shops (Volg/ Spar/ Coop/ Migros, etc.).
  • Take out a trial subscription to the local newspaper
  • Ask at the tourist office
  • Inquire about staff housing
  • Use social media
  • Rent a larger flat and set up a shared flat


For some, the season on the snow is the first job and therefore the experience is still missing what it requires to live. Most snow sports schools pay an hourly wage. It is worth looking at how many hours you can work and what work is paid for. Housing, food, transport, travel are all costs that affect your wage depending on the situation. The pure hourly wage can be lower in one school and very high in another, but the person with the lower wage may still have more leftover at the end of the month. The length of the season must also be taken into account, e.g. in Zermatt a season lasts longer than in Wildhaus in Toggenburg.


Cars that work in the citys and already have a few years under their belt usually break down in the first winter season. Batteries no longer work in sub-zero temperatures, old winter tyres don't work and so many get a surprise during their first season. A car needs more petrol in short-distance traffic in a winter resort, which is also more expensive in winter resorts. Find out about transport options in winter resorts. Free sports buses, cycling and walking may be better options.


As you are paid by the hour, you will not receive a salary if you are unable to work due to illness. In case of an accident, the accident insurance pays a part of your salary, based on what another teacher would have earned during that time. Do not be surprised if 4.1% non-occupational accident insurance is deducted from your pay slip, as the insurance is very high due to misuse in the past.