Mission statement

We represent the interests of snow sports instructors in training, trained professionals,  snow sports schools, and campaign for the best possible education.

  • Actively helping to shape the sports of snowboarding and skiing - this is our passion and we have decades of experience
  • The student is at the centre of the education programme - this applies to our course participants as well as to their future clients.


Facts & Figures

Here you will find a few key figures about the SSBS:


Year founded:



Number of certified SSBS instructors:



Total number of course participants:



Number of course participants 20/21:



Number of Ridersystem members:

approx. 75'000





In October, the snowboard instructor movement is founded in Switzerland. Eleven people meet in Saas-Fee and lay the foundations. Among them are Antoine Massy , Markus Kobelt, Rolf Brunner, Jose Fernandes, Thomas Kohler, Pierre Jobin, Bänz Simmen and Roland Primus.



The SSBS breaks away from the SSBA as a department and draws up its own statutes.



Roland Primus goes to the Federal Court as a private person in order to give the snowboard schools their own way, separate from the ski schools.



Roland Primus geht als Privatperson vor Bundesgericht um den Snowboardschulen einen eigenen Weg losgelöst von den Skischulen zu ermöglichen.



The SSBS is commissioned to introduce the sport of snowboarding at J&S. The first teaching materials and teaching videos are developed. The first teaching materials and videos are produced.



The SSBS founds the Swiss Snowboard Team and begins to train coaches. At the same time, the junior and national teams are founded.



After a three-year battle, the Federal Court decides that the legislation in the canton of Graubünden is inadequate and thus agrees with Roland Primus that a snowboard school can be opened separately from a ski school. A referendum is then held on the new law, which is accepted.



The new legislation is groundbreaking throughout Switzerland and is adopted in many cantons.



The fourth teaching aid is created and takes into account various methods of learning to snowboard. The technique grid is developed.



The first freestyle team is founded and the SSBS covers the entire snowboard infrastructure in Switzerland: Instructors, coaches, J&S leaders and association administrators and finances everything independently. The SSBA as an umbrella organisation takes care of the racing system.



The rider system developed by the SSBS enters its first season and is adopted by over 100 Swiss snowboard schools.



The SSBS General Assembly decides against joining the SIVS and the SSBS thus remains independent.



The SSBS hands over some of its work to J&S and the SSBA. The fifth teaching aid is produced.



The SSBS hands over the complete teams to the SSBA, as the latter can free up more marketing and sponsorship money for this. The board of the SSBS decides to focus more on the training of snowboard instructors, the schools and the rider system.



The sixth teaching aid is produced. The SSBA is taken over by Swiss Snowsports in the racing sector.



The SSBS is listed as the last and only exclusive snowboard organisation worldwide.



The SSBS concentrates more on methodological developments in snowboard sports



The SSBS joins the QSK (Quality Assurance Commission) for the federal certificate of proficiency "snow sports instructor" as an institution with two seats and from then on actively shapes the development of the certificate of proficiency "snow sports instructor", which has been ongoing since 1998.



The federal certificate "snow sports instructor" becomes a reality



The seventh and completely revised teaching aid is published in German and receives the 3rd prize at the Frankfurt Book Fair as the "Most innovative teaching aid in the German-speaking world".



The ski teaching aid is created.



Recognition of the SSBS Snowboard Instructor and SSBS Ski Instructor with additional modules as equivalent to the qualification "Snowsport Instructor with Swiss Federal Dimploma".



The ski teaching material is translated into English and the ski training will be offered in English.