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How to become a Swiss Snowboard Instructor

We recommend that you plan 2-3 years for the SSBS Instructor Snowboard education program. The overview displays the required modules including information about prerequisites, content, qualification, costs, and duration.


We will be happy to advise you on how to make your dream come true.


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About the Qualifications

To get the Swiss Snowboard Instructor SSBS certificate you have to successfully complete the following modules:


Rookie Coach (ZA)

Methodology Module (ME)

Technique Module (TE)

Safety & Rescue (SR)

Emergency Management (NM)

Internship (P2)

Instructor module (IK)

Rookie Coach

The Rookie Coach / Admission course gives you access to the instructor program and gives you insight into the program's structure.

Duration: 5 days


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Methodology Module

The Methodology Module is the first module after the Admission course, on the path to becoming a SSBS instructor. The module consists of an in-depth technical part and an introduction to the methodology.

Duration: 8 days

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Technique Module

The technique module is the second module after the methodology module, on the path to becoming a SSBS instructor. 

The exam day is for candidates who have completed the technique module at the school.

Duration: 9 days or 1 day


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Safety & Rescue

Intensive safety and rescue training. The module is mandatory for graduation to becoming a SSBS Instructor.

Duration: 4 days

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Emergency Management

The emergency management course includes first aid in case of accidents and medical emergency situations in snowsports.

Duration: 2 days

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Instructor module

Technique training block in intensive workshops, including jump training. Theory, methodology, and technique exam.
Duration: 11 days

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Re-Examination Methodology

The Methodology re-examination is for candidates who have not passed the methodology examination in the instructor module. 
Duration: 2 days

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Re-Examination Technique

The Technique re-examination is for those candidates who have not passed the technique exam in the Instructor module.  
Duration: 2 days

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