Snowboard Instructor Risk-G

How to obtain your Risk Activity Permit

To be able to offer commercial snowboard tours, you need a risk activity permit.


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You can find more information under the following links:

Risk activity law

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About the Qualification

In order to be able to apply for the risk activities permit, the following training courses/modules must be successfully completed:


SSBS Snowboard Instructor
Variants & Tours (VT)
Additional module Risk-G/ Off-Piste
Internship (P1)
Off-piste internship


Transitional solution for "old law" SSBS instructors until December 31, 2021:

Instructors who have completed the instructor module, the backcountry module and the P1 internship before January 19, 2020 can apply for a permit without the additional RiskG / Off Piste module. Prerequisite: Proof of a safety-relevant RC which was not more than 4 years ago when the application was submitted.


Overview of the certificates to be submitted