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The formation to become a snowboard instructor or snowsports instructor is mainly a methodic / didactic formation, which focuses on how to teach and learn the snowboard specific movements. The formation is divided in various modules:

  • admission course / Rookie Coach

  • methodology module (ME)

  • technique module (TE)

  • emergency management (NM)

  • security & rescue (SR)

  • instructor module (IK)

The following modules are required to obtain the risk activity license:

  • Backcountry riding & touring (VT)

  • Addidional module RiskG/Off-Piste

Additional to the modules mentioned above the following modules are needed for the swiss federal certificate "snowsports instructor":

  • backcountry riding & touring (VT)

  • tourism & law (TR)

  • elective module Ski, Air&Park, Freeride (WM)

The snowboard instructor formation is oriented towards good riders who would like to make their hobby a profession.
The following prerequisites are needed:

  • above average riding skills

  • good condition & coordinative skills

  • the possibility to learn new moves efficiently and quickly

  • pleasure to work with people of all ages and to teach them

  • ability to accept critique and continue to learn

  • minimum age 18

It depends: the modules have to be done in the right order and the exams have to be passed before the next module can be done.


  • Registration for the admission course / Rookie Coach can be done together with the methodology module (ME)

  • The registration for the security & rescue (SR) module as well as for the emergency management (NM) can be done anytime after the methodology module has been passed successfully.

No, the admission course / Rookie Coach is an obligatory part of the formation. The course gives you insight into the formation structure and lots of information regarding the SSBS. There are some exceptions to this rule: for example if you have min. 5 days of Swiss youth & sport formation (Leiterkurs / Methodikmodul, or a recognised foreign snowboard instructor formation (min. 5 days)). Please contact the SSBS office to find out if you are eligible to enter directly into the methodology module and provide us with copies of your diplomas.
A good freestyle or freeride board is ok. Pay attention to the boots and bindings. If you have a tool (screwdriver), bring it along as well.

To keep an active status, all candidates and snowboard instructors are obliged to do a repetition course every second year. The following courses count as repetition courses:

all courses that continue the formation, methodology exam, technical director course or technical director repetition course and Air&Park course.

Our formation is divided in different modules whereof the admission course / Rookie Coach is the first part. The 5 days (2 days Rookie Coach Theory/ 3 days Rookie Coach Snow) give you insight into the structure of the formation, lots of information about the SSBS and is therefore an important base for the following modules. There will also be lots of riding training and an assessment of your riding skills, your condition, coordinative skills, pleasure to work with people and your ability to accept criticism.
The SSBS repetition course is valid two years.
You can register yourself for all official repetition courses on www.ssbs.ch or you can do a private repetition course with an SSBS expert (please contact one of the experts listed on http://www.ssbs.ch/en/experten)

The 40 days work experience certification is necessary to enter the instructor module (IK). The logbook, where you can enter your work experience is dispatched and explained during the admission course.
For the risk activities license you need two internship of 40 days each and the internship off-Piste.
For the Swiss Federal Certificate you need two internships of 40 days each.

We ask you to send us the correctly and completely filled out logbook as soon as the number of days has been reached. The logbook must be with us at least one month before the start of the instructor module.
Please note that you will not be admitted to the methodology exam in the instructor module if the logbook is missing.

So we can organise the methodology part of the technique and instructors module, each participant is obliged to find a pupil and bring him/her to the course. The pupils need to be registered for the respective course on www.ssbs.ch and you need to inform the office (by email or phone) whom you have registered as pupil. Its obligatory that you find a pupil for at least one of the modules. If you arent able to do so, you will be charged a penalty of CHF 200.- right before the instructor module which we use to recruit pupils ourselves.

Each active member who has paid their yearly SSBS member fee as well as done the bi-yearly repetition course (needs to be valid for the whole season, where the abonnement is bought for) can buy such an abonnement http://www.ssbs.ch/en/shop. The half-fare card is available for candidates who have passed at least the methodology module (ME) and the general card is avavailable for instructors who have passed at least the instructor module (IK)
The stamp of the International Snowboard Instructor Federation ISIF is available free of charge (provided your status is active and the membership fee is paid) and, together with the instructor or candidate card, enables partially discounted tariffs for ski resorts on an international level.

Yes, the SSBS formation is based on the manual and it needs to be brought to every course. You will automatically get it with your registration to the admission course / Rookie Coach or you can order it in our online shop on http://www.ssbs.ch/en/shop. Please note that it is only available in german or french.

The emergency management course is organised by the SSBS and is equivalent to the Swiss Samaritan Course. The content of the emergency management course is the handling of emergencies in snowsports. After a day of theory, there is one day of practical exercises on the snow, where you can practise what you have learnt the day before. The emergency management course (or an equivalent course) are obligatory for the instructor module (IK). A first aid course is not sufficient.

Each participant has to bring a pupil for either the technique or the instructor module. With these pupils the candidates practise to give lessons. The pupils join the technique module for 5 days and the instructor module for 4 days.

By paying the yearly member fee of CHF 50.- as well as attending the bi-yearly repetition course you are an active member of the SSBS association. As an active member you have the following advantages:

  • possibility to buy the abonnements of the Swiss Ski Lift Association (half fare card as of methodology module (ME) as well as full fare card as of instructor module (IK).

  • you get all relevant information such as course flyer, newsletter, invitation to general assembly etc.
  • right to vote at the SSBS general assembly

All SSBS Instructors are automatically member of the SSBS if they pay the yearly member fee. For candidates the membership is volontary, they become a member if they pay the member fee invoice which is sent to them automatically. You can also become a member if you havent done any courses with us. In this case, please contact us via email info@ssbs.ch or phone +41 81 384 0606.

If you are looking for a job as a snowboard instructor, it is best to contact the snowboard schools directly. You can find a list of all SSBS member schools on http://www.ssbs.ch/en/schulen. On our homepage http://www.ssbs.ch/en/offene-stellen you also have the possibility to browse through existing job offers or to place a job search advertisement yourself free of charge
No, the instructors negotiate their wage directly with the schools.
The following prerequisites are needed from the pupils:
  • they need to have their own snowboard equipment
  • beginner or intermediate riding skills
  • flexibility
  • minimum age of 18 (or accompanied by a supervisor)
    In the technique module the pupils get 5 days of training (2h instruction per day), in the instructor module 4 days (2h instruction per day)

The theory exam of the methodology module is a multiple choice test of the SSBS manual. If you fail the exam you can repass it free of charge at the SSBS office in Lenzerheide, or with an SSBS expert (there is a fee of CHF 50.- per exam)

The theory exam of the technique module is a multiple choice test of the SSBS manual. If you fail the exam you can repass it free of charge at the SSBS office in Lenzerheide, or with an SSBS expert (there is a fee of CHF 50.- per exam)
The conversation on a snowboard relevant theme can be done in the following languages: german, french, italian, spanish or dutch.
You can repass the methodology exam 2 times a season, normally during the technique and instructor modules. The dates are published on www.ssbs.ch
Technical directors need to take a repetition course every year.

The stamp of the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) can be bought by active SSBS Instructors who have paid the yearly member fee. It costs CHF 35.- and can be bought in the online store on www.ssbs.ch. Together with the instructor card you can get reductions at certain skilifts internationally.

Together with your course registration which we send to you by email, you receive a link of the ALLIANZ insurance. If you buy the insurance, all costs including course, hotel and liftticket) are covered in case of an accident or illness. The insurance costs 4% of the course price. You pay the amount directly to the insurance as described on the flyer. We strongly recommend that insurance, as otherwise all costs will need to be covered by yourself.

The formation to become a ski instructor is mainly a methodic / didactic formation, which focuses on how to teach and learn the ski specific movements. The formation is divided in various modules:

  • admission course theory

  • Ski Modul 1 (Sl1)

  • Ski Modul 2 (Sl2)

  • emergency management (NM)

  • security & rescue (SR)

  • instructor exam (IK)

Additional to the modules mentioned above the following modules are needed for the SSBS instructor ski with the risk activities license :

  • backcountry riding & touring (VT)

  • additional module RiskG/ Off piste

You are able to safely descend all pistes in the secured piste area and average terrain in the off-piste area.

The Carte Pro authorizes you to work as a snowboard instructor in France. It is necessary as much for the employees of a school as for the self-employed.

In order to be able to apply for the Carte Pro, you need a snowboard education diploma. With the SSBS Instructor diploma and the module backcontry riding and touring, you can apply for the Carte Pro. You can find the training overview in the download area under formation/Information on education.

As soon as you have the necessary diplomas, you can apply for the Carte pro at Ministère de la Ville, de la Jeunesse et des Sports (www.arquedi.sports.gouv.fr).

You can apply for the permit at the cantonal office in your place of residence.
An all-round or all-mountain ski is the best. A race or freeride ski is not suitable. Make sure you have a solid shoe. You should also bring a tool (screwdriver) if you have one.