Refresher, lateral, re- entrant or further education?

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Do you want to reactivate your status?

  • Refresher courses


Do you want to continue your education?

  • Further Education


Did you do your qualification through Swiss Snowsports or J&S?

  • Swiss Qualifications


Did you complete your Qualification abroad?

  • Foreign Qualifications


Refresher Courses

The refresher courses are for snowboard and ski instructors who want to keep their status active.  Completed modules do not expire, but the topics must be refreshed at least every 2 years.


Further education

The SSBS Cadre Education is aimed at instructors who would like to exercise a cadre function within Snowsport Schools.

Swiss Qualification

You have started your training at Swiss Snowsports and/or at Jugend + Sport and would like to join us

Foreign Qualifications

You have started or completed your education abroad and would like to continue it with us or work as an Instructor in Switzerland.